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Tigger the Tiger

From: Leawood, United States

I'm too busy making beats to post comments right now.


Hey guys, my name is Otis Sylvester Latimer, Jr. I have MANY nicknames(at least 14 or 15), but my first nickname(aside from the obvious "OJ") was Tigger, because I couldn't sit still(ADHD) and would literally bounce almost everywhere. My second nickname became just Bounce(and from there the name storm began), but as soon as I started getting serious about music production around May this year I felt it proper to revert back to the beginning when it came to the names. I was named because I moved and bounced everywhere and I wanted that to also reflect what I want the crowds to be doing when they hear my music. This thought had me choose Tigger as my producing alias and (if/when I get more ... More

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Assessment: Amateur

Tigger the Tiger's level is about the same as the majority of artists on the site. There is potential here and with further work they can improve the quality of their output. At the moment the quality of their output is slightly on the decline, so they need to take on the advice given to them by our community and put them into practice in order to improve.

  • Consistency: declining
  • Ranking: 262 out of 479
  • Output level: infrequent (a track every 8 months)

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  • Joined: Monday 28th November 2011
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